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Consento for patients - basic functionality


  • Online calendar with doctors' schedules
  • Patient choice, date and time of patient review on the calendar
  • Filter by specialty, medical organization and doctor's name
  • Choice of review type (acute, prophylactic)
  • Review cost information while saving an hour
  • Ability to provide additional information to the recorded viewing time
  • Email confirmation of successfully saved review time
  • Email reminder for an upcoming review time
  • Ability to cancel an already saved viewing time in the inability to visit
  • Ability to record date and time for home visit and pay online


  • Possibility for telephone or written consultation with a doctor on duty (for children / adults) or by choice of a particular doctor
  • Filter for choice of medical specialty, medical organization, doctor's name
  • Reply to the written consultation within 24 hours, response to the telephone consultation - up to 2 hours (from the doctor on duty)
  • Archive of questions and answers from written consultations
  • Possibility to attach photos or other documents upon request in the written consultation
  • The doctor may also attach photos or documents (if necessary) to his / her response to a written consultation
  • Queue function - if there is no free doctor on call at the time of the telephone consultation, the call enters a virtual queue and is returned to the patient by the first physician on duty
  • The telephone consultation with a specific doctor (as opposed to the on-call doctor) takes place at specific hours, announced by the doctor as a schedule for telephone consultations.


  • Ability to create, edit, deactivate your own profile and family profiles (parents, spouses, children) and merge them into a family profile.
  • A family profile allows adult users to pay for their elderly parents' and / or their children's health care
  • Parents have access to their children's health records until they reach the age of 18, then become single users
  • Support for profiles of foreigners (with LF or social security number) in Latin
  • Ability to enter 2 phone numbers into the same account
  • GDPR compliant profiles
  • When talking to the call center, recording an hour, online consultation, patient information is loaded automatically, which saves time and avoids constantly requesting or filling in the same information


  • Possibility to choose the type of preferred notification - e-mail or SMS
  •  Notifications of successfully recorded review hour, written consultation response, ongoing prophylactic review, etc.
  • Archive of all notifications sent so far


  • Personal electronic health record with patient records from examinations performed 
  • Outpatient records, epicrises, test results
  • Each document is stored as a pdf (with doctor and patient signatures) and as a text file
  • The patient's archive can be filtered by year or by document type (outpatient list, epicrisis, examination)
  • The patient can upload notes and documents related to health, taken or scanned, in jpeg or pdf format in his / her Journal. These documents can be visible to him only and to be shared with his doctors who have access to his file
  • transferred to the Patient Health Archive


  • Ability to select and enroll a GP through the platform
  • Archive with the completed documents to the NHIF, other contracts with medical providers, printable


  • Manage the consent of which personal data to use on the platform and for what purposes under the European Data Protection Regulation
  • Ability to withdraw consent, request for correction, erasure of personal data, forgetting of person
  • Ability to obtain an archive of the collected personal data in electronic format


  • Ability to choose a subscription plan and calculate the contributions due
  • Information about the resources included in the purchased subscription plan, the users of the subscription and the period of validity
  • Detailed information on the spent and remaining resources from the concluded subscription plan


  • An electronic portfolio made up of credits (which can be purchased, received as part of a subscription plan, with promotions, such as loyalty bonuses, etc.)
  • Detailed information on purchased and spent loans by dates and for what services
  • Option to purchase credits online (payment via ePay, ATM, EasyPay or debit / credit card)
  • Detailed transaction record, status information for each transaction (successful, failed, error messages)
  • Ability to generate and print an invoice


A mobile application with the features of the Android and iOS platform format, which includes:

  • easy account activation
  • real-time notifications
  • time recording
  • facilitated online consultation - written or telephone
  • access to the health record
  • quick review and editing of account
  • easy credit purchase
  • patient's diary

You can download the Android and iOS mobile app from the buttons below.


  • Recording significant medical events from the patient's daily routine (temperature, medication, symptoms, etc.)
  • The patient can share any of these events with his or her physician or show his / her diary during the examination


  • Prescribing therapy in an electronic prescription, with a fixed validity, which is stored in the user's profile and which he can print and use in a pharmacy in case of need
  • Notifications to remind the user of the next intake of their prescribed medication, with the possibility of postponing, noting that he or she missed or missed the medication
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