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To use any of the services that Consento offered through the mobile application, you need to have a registration in the platform and an activated account. 

Follow these steps to sign up and activate an account:

Step 1 - Install the application and register

If you are downloading Consento for the first time and you do not have an account with us, then as a first step you should create one. Find the app in Google Play or Apple Store, install it and the home screen will give you the option to register. Click the "Register" button, which will take you to the registration form. 

If you already have an account, you must log in with the e-mail with which you registered and with the password of your choice, via the "Login" button.

This is the user registration form. Please fill in an up-to-date e-mail and telephone, because they are needed to activate your account, in addition you will receive all notifications from the system by e-mail, and the telephone number serves as an identifier when you make a telephone consultation. If you call from a phone number other than the one registered in your account, our PBX will not recognize you and you will receive the message "You are not registered in Consento or your account is not yet activated".

Enter the password you selected 2 times to confirm. Consent to Terms of use и Privacy Policy are required to create an account. If you do not agree to certain terms, you will not be able to use the services of Consento.

Step 2 - Account Activation

If you fill in the form correctly on the phone number you specified, you will receive a unique SMS code with numbers that you must enter when activating your account. You will receive a message on the e-mail specified by you, containing an activation link, to which you must log in and enter the code received as an SMS. At the same link you will be able to set your preferred password to access your Consento account. You will not be able to use your account without initial activation. That is why it is important when registering to indicate an up-to-date e-mail and telephone number that you use regularly and to which you have easy access. 

If you do not receive a confirmation email within 10 minutes after completing the registration form, please check the Spam folder of your e-mail or contact us for assistance through the section Contact us


If you are already a patient of one of the medical institutions that use the Consento platform, you probably already have an official registration in the database (created during your visit to the respective medical institution or when calling to make an appointment at the call center). In this case, when trying to re-register, the platform recognizes that your e-mail and phone number are already present in the system, checks the data you fill in the registration form and in case of coincidence the process proceeds as described above.

In case some of the data you fill in do not match those in our database, you will receive a message about unsuccessful registration and our employee from the "Support" department will contact you as soon as possible by phone or e-mail. to assist you with registration.

IMPORTANT! If your phone number belongs to a foreign mobile operator, please contact us directly to assist in creating your account, because our system does not send SMS to foreign mobile numbers!

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