• Pediatrics
  • Intensive care


Dr. Natalia Vasileva graduated in medicine from 1981 at the Medical Academy - Sofia.

Dr. Vassileva has acquired a specialty in childhood diseases from 1988.

Professional path:

Dr. Natalia Vasileva started working as a pediatrician in the town of Breznik (3 years), and then worked at the Third Polyclinic - Sofia. From 1985 he started working at the Third City Hospital, initially as a paediatrician, and from 1987 as a resident in the Children's ward - Intensive Sector. Since 2001 he is currently a resident in the Intensive Sector of the Clinic for Pediatric Diseases and Cardiology at the National Cardiology Hospital - Sofia.

Dr. Natalia Vassileva joins the 1 SCC team in October 2014.

Scientific interests:

Dr. Natalia Vassileva has interests in neonatology, intensive care and pulmonology.