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One of the services that Consento offers users registered with the platform is to save an hour of online viewing. This service can be used by all patients who have a Web Advisor registered and activated to record an hour for review at medical organizations and physicians using the online scheduling service. Consento.

You can now book an online review hour at your preferred GP or specialist, at the aforementioned hospitals, completely on your own without having to call the call center.

To do this, follow these steps:

If you are using the mobile application, please follow this link

Step 1 - Login / Registration

If you do not have a Cosnento account and an active account, first cut the page Browser registration or Registration through the mobile application

Step 2 - Patient Details

You need to enter the patient (adult or child) data for which you will be saving an appointment. This happens in the "Family" section, in the profile of your relative or your profile if you are recording a review for yourself.

You select the "Family" section, which takes you to the "Relatives list" section.

There you can use the "Add relatives" button to add information about your minor children. It is important that you fill in all the required patient information - three names, date of birth, PIN, gender, kinship with you so that you can save an appointment.

Step 3 - Choosing a Doctor

The next step is choosing the doctor at which you want to book an appointment.

This is done from the "Save Hour" button in the main navigation menu in your account.

On the left side of the Save Hour screen, which opens by this button, there are 3 drop-down menus and one search box.

First, you need to choose the name of the patient you are saving an hour for - this is from the first Patient drop-down menu. You must then specify the "Organization" in which you want the review to be conducted. After selecting the organization of the screen, the names of all physicians who view the respective medical organization and their schedules for the current week by days and time intervals are loaded.

If you choose MCC My Doctor practice or another GP group or individual practice, an additional menu will appear from which you need to choose the type of examination - acute or prophylactic. This is due to the fact that GPs have a different type of on-call duty in relation to the two types of examinations available, so that only those doctors who have the schedule for the type of examination you need will be shown.

If you have selected a child as a pediatrician, only pediatricians are shown, and if you have selected an adult patient - only adult patients, so that you do not mistakenly record an adult pediatrician review.

If you want to filter results by a specific specialty, you can do so from the third specialty drop-down menu.

If you are searching for a specific doctor by name, please use the search box named "Doctor" at the bottom.

By clicking on the "Clear Filters" link you are removing all the parameters you have selected so far.

Days when there are no free hours are marked with "exhausted".

Step 4 - Select Date and Time. Additional information and final confirmation

4.1 Select date and time

Clicking on any of the days with specified hours opens an additional window that allows you to select a specific time, save it with the Confirm button and move on.

4.2 Consultation Details

On the last additional screen, you see again the patient's name, doctor's name, date and time.

You have the opportunity to leave any further clarification to the time you have recorded (eg "for fever and vomiting").

The "Save Hour" button sends your request to our system.

Step 5 - We send you a notification of the saved hour and record it in your account.

For each hour you have saved online, as well as those you have saved using the call center by phone, we send you an e-mail or SMS confirmation, according to the notification settings that you have set in your account.

The Saved Hours section stores information about upcoming and past examinations conducted by medical organizations that use Consento's online schedule.

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