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Participation of Consento in the VIII National Congress of Patient Organizations

Participation of Consento in the VIII National Congress of Patient Organizations

At the 11-12.10.2019 d at the Park Hotel Stara Zagora the VIII National Congress of Patient Organizations was held entitled "The Future of Municipal Health Care".

Main focus at the congress were the future of municipal healthcare, the various models of municipal healthcare to provide more inclusive and better quality patient care, effective and effective practices implemented at the local level, both by local authorities and by active patient organizations. Working models of foreign models and their implementation at the Bulgarian level were considered, as well as opportunities for promoting donation, transplants, screening studies and more.

Consensus attended the first day of the congress, a session dedicated to good practices from abroad and trends in community care, along with other 3 member companies Bulgarian cluster for digital solutions and innovations in healthcare (DHI). Each of them presented their own technological solutions, facilitating patient care through modern technologies. The session was moderated by Dr. Stanimir Hasardzhiev, Chairman of the National Patient Organization and a member of DHI.

In his presentation, Dr. Branimir Raduilov, representing Consento as an expert, presented the results of the European Health Consumer Index 2019 d, the rapid rise of Serbia and Northern Macedonia leading positions thanks to the introduction of an electronic watch-keeping system and Consento's capabilities in the field of digitalisation of healthcare through innovations such as telemedicine, e-health dossier, saving hours online and through a specialized medical call center and other tools that improve physician-patient communication and make the patient an active participant in self-care oh his health.

The participants in the session asked a number of questions related to the accessibility of new technologies for a part of the population, the difficulty of choosing the right specialist for their specific condition and the ambiguities about who should play the role of coordinator and guide the patient's path through the healthcare system.

See the letter of thanks on behalf of the National Patient Organization regarding Consento's participation, as well as the presentation that Consento participates in.


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