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Concento's participation in the event "From hospital to healthcare through digitalization"

Concento's participation in the event "From hospital to healthcare through digitalization"

2 days remaining until the largest digital health event

from sickTREATMENT 
към HEALTHconservation
43 speakers, 6 digital panels and 300 registered guests!
  • Want to hear how doctor-patient communication can be faster and more effective?
  • Want to understand how you can have effective and timely prevention and diagnosis through digital health solutions?
  • Want to learn how the next generation of hospital information systems and digital data analytics solutions can optimize healthcare?
  • Want to see how automation and robotics can support and optimize complex administrative processes in the healthcare system?
  • Want to learn about new technologies that improve health, help with treatment and support the daily work of medical professionals?

Then this is your event!

Here you will learn how you can be part of an ecosystem that works for efficient and sustainable healthcare based on data and technology! 

Register now and look into the future of digital healthcare solutions!

The forum is organized by the Bulgarian cluster for digital solutions and innovations in healthcare under the patronage of N.P. Muriel Berce Cohen, Ambassador of Switzerland. The forum is part of the INNOVATION 4 HEALTH week, organized by the Embassy of Switzerland and the Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce (BCTC).


This one-day forum will bring together entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders in the digitalisation of healthcare in Bulgaria. It will show progress in developing an ecosystem open to private entrepreneurs and organizations working in the healthcare sector. Healthy lifestyles are part of prevention policies. And when it comes to treatment, patients need to have access to the best of innovation.


The forum will feature healthcare digital solutions in a variety of areas such as care management systems, big data and analysis, telemedicine and mobile health technologies, diagnostics, drug therapies, cybersecurity and public health.


We work together to create data-driven healthcare and to develop a sustainable and efficient healthcare system!

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