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Concento's participation in the forum "From SICK TO HEALTH through digitalization"

Concento's participation in the forum "From SICK TO HEALTH through digitalization"

This is how the media covered the presentation of Concento in yesterday's forum on "From Sick Treatment to HEALTH through digitalization", organized by the Bulgarian Cluster for Digital Solutions and Innovations in Healthcare.

The center records hours of review around the clock and handles emergencies

Medical call center accepts calls from patients from all over the country 24 hours a day. It is called Consento and can be used to record both an appointment and to handle emergencies, which are referred to a patient-friendly medical center. The service is unique in our country. Nearly 50 GPs and hospitals in the country have already subscribed to it. This was stated at a forum organized by The Bulgarian cluster for digital solutions and innovations in healthcare. The purpose of the forum is to outline the problems of eHealth for doctors, business, the non-governmental sector and the state and to show good e-solutions. 

Online time saving platform Superdoc is already used by 1300 doctors and has a quarter of a million users. 160 of them have found their new doctor through the digital solution. The creators estimate that the 000 thousand online reservations sa saved 2 years from the lives of doctors and patients. 50% of the recorded viewing hours were made via a mobile phone. 

The online service FindMeCure helps patients find their therapy. "95% of clinical trials fail due to lack of willing patients; only 10% of doctors in the world participate in such studies, "said Maya Zlatanova, creator of the platform. For 2 years FindMeCure has helped 200 000 patients worldwide find their clinical trial. "Digitization will help us be even closer to the next treatment," Maya Zlatanova concluded. 

By project for early diagnosis of breast cancer using technology and proven risk assessment methods are running the software company Sqilline. According to Dr. Radoslav Mangldzhiev, head of department at medical oncology to SBALOZ in Sofia, digitalization it gives opportunity for individual treatment of cancer patients

"I am the perfect patient: I'm 55 years old, I have 2 children and 2 adult parents"Said Rosen Rusinov. He predicts growing demand of digital solutions to provide access of doctors, hospitals, patients and their families to real-time up-to-date information. Rosen Rusinov gave the example of the online information system Consento behind patients, through which people save an hour for himself and his family, keep track of doctors' schedules, know when they were examined and when they should do their next checkup, make phone, video or written consultations, create a health profile for themselves and loved ones, have access to an electronic health record, with all their history contacts with the organization and the doctor - calls, visits, consultations, messages and more. All of this data is then stored in a secure cloud. The platform already has over 120 000 patient profile, over 8 consultations and 000 telephone calls were made. 

Dr. Branimir Raduilov from Polyclinic Bulgaria commented that although medicine is a relatively difficult sector to innovate, more and more data are linking doctors to patients. He quotes Eurohealth Customer Index, according to which Bulgaria ranks 31 out of a total of 35 sites in terms of digitalization. In the 1 year alone, Serbia has climbed to the 18 rankings in the international rankings, and Macedonia has climbed from 27 to 16 because they have introduced electronic hours recording and other important e-services.  

Digital health decisions are a fact for insurers, he said Svetla Nestorov, Member of the Board of Directors Association of Bulgarian InsurersWith two clicks on your phone patients arrange their examination through geolocation are instructed to get to the doctor, and from their phone they give review feedback. "Competitors our customer experience is Google иAmazon", She added and explained that digitalization is not a panacea, but a means of putting man and ethics at the center.  

"The Bulgarian ancient history will go forward when it is built a single national information system in which the various sub-systems operate in synchrony", He stated Daniela Daritkova from the National Assembly Health Committee. She described the introduction of an electronic hospital record as a success, and the parallel storage of some types of paper information as "digitalization in Bulgarian". Ms Davidkova called on the health theme not to make policy but to 'make health policies'. For Dr. Stanimir Hasardzhiev from the National Patient Organization the most important in building this unified information system are the needs of patients and doctors.  

The forum "From hospital to healthcare through digitalization" was opened by HE Muriel Berce Cohen, Ambassador of SwitzerlandThe forum is part of the week Health Innovation, organized by the Embassy of Switzerland and the Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce. 

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