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Consento for doctors - basic functionalities

  • Manage a monthly schedule without restrictions on the complexity of the shifts
  • Combinations between paid and NHIF schedules
  • Online recording of hours by patients
  • Filters for view types
  • Views times from 5 mins to your chosen duration
  • Duty schedules
  • Calculation of monthly rate and transfer of hours between periods
  • Daily and weekly view with free / busy hours
  • Recording of overtime hours
  • A detailed track of each change in the hours recorded
  • Enter a drag-and-drop schedule. Full-day copy-paste capability
  • Written patient consultation, file attachment option
  • Telephone consultations with audio file storage. Missed call queue with easy ringtone.
  • Video consultation with video archive. Opportunity for occupational medicine application (eg pre-trip driver reviews)
  • Convenient payment system for consultations. Payment via ePay, EasyPay, ATM, debit or credit card 
  • Digital telephone exchange
  • Archive of all calls with a listening option
  • Voice menu
  • View patient profile when calling a database number
  • Click to call - One-click patient calls quickly
  • Detailed statistics on call center activity (number of calls, number of missed, number of returned, etc.)
  • Missed call queue, maintaining multiple queues
  • Priority Call Processing (User Rating) Option
  • Number Blinking Option (always busy when calling)
  • Call history for a specific patient
  • Search by phone number and more 12 parameters
  • Detailed list of call statuses (accepted, missed, by which registrar, etc.) with date and time 
  • Detailed user and family profile (demographics and contact information, contract status, affiliation with medical organizations, consent for GDPR personal data, subscription packages, financial history, health record, organization contact history, access card, system information, review history)
  • Options for ringing, sending a message on the platform, SMS, e-mail
  • User settings for preferred notification method - messages in the platform, SMS, e-mail
  • Mass campaigns to user groups via platform message, SMS, e-mail with detailed campaign status reports (received, read, rejected, invalid e-mail or phone)
  • Notifications for upcoming reviews, online consultations, research results
  • Ability to record administrative and medical notes for family or user, ratings, segmentation by tags
  • List of all ambulatory lists of examinations, tests, epicrisis, online consultations, hospital, documents from LKK, protocols, with the option to review, edit, mark as a wrong document, delete and print
  • Detailed records of changes made to the patient's health record
  • Opportunity for the patient to upload documents scanned by him in his own file
  • Opportunity for the patient to share documents from his / her file with doctors of his / her choice via a link and password for a predefined time interval
  • Upload all scanned administrative documents to the patient's profile (documents for choosing a personal doctor, contracts, consents for blood sampling, for venous infusions, for processing personal data, etc.) in pdf format with the option to print.
  • Indication in the patient's profile what mandatory documents are signed with the respective honey. company and what needs to be procured.
  • Consent form for processing of personal data, with the possibility of filling in online, for uploading a scanned paper form or for obtaining consent by phone from the call center
  • Ability to withdraw consent online or on-site in honey. place
  • Ability to download one-button patient personal information from an administrator or the patient himself through his Consento account
    Ability to anonymize and archive data when consent is withdrawn
  • Detailed reports for each new record, editing, deleting, archiving of personal data in the Consento platform
  • Create a subscription plan for 1 or multiple members of a shared resource family (number of views, credits for online consulting, etc.)
  • Possibility for each of the family members to draw from the common resource
  • Detailed reports on resources used (visible to both patient and administrator)
  • Virtual Wallet Electronic Credits (Credits), which can be downloaded online or from an administrator at checkout
  • Detailed account of disbursed and outstanding loans
  • Ability to repay credits in case of non-receipt of service
  • Ability to give / remove credits from a user account by an administrator
  • Option to add credits using promo codes (for advertising campaigns)

This functionality is under development!

  • Ability for the patient to keep a diary of medical events (temperature, medication, symptoms, etc.) in his profile.

  • This information can be kept to him personally or shared with his doctor.

  • When the patient is monitored by a doctor - the doctor receives a notification for each entry in the diary and if necessary can contact the patient directly.

This functionality is under development!

  • The members of the team of the medical institution (doctors, nurses, laboratory assistants) can create tasks related to a patient they care for.
  • The patient sees each task for himself for today - in his Diary, where he can fill in the requested information after completing the task.
  • Medical staff sees a list of all tasks with filtering options by client name, patient, end date, priority, and status.

This functionality is under development!

  • Prescribing therapy in an electronic prescription, with a fixed validity, which is stored in the user's profile and which he can print and use in a pharmacy in case of need
  • Notifications to remind the user of the next intake of their prescribed medication, with the possibility of postponing, noting that he or she missed or missed the medication
  • Notifications to the physician of the patient's admission status
  • Archive of this patient's previous therapy
  • Possibility of extending the prescription by the doctor when needed
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