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  • Ophthalmology


Dr. Albena Simeonova graduated in medicine from 1998 in Medical University - Sofia.

During the period 2000 - 2005 Dr. Simeonova is a specialist at the Eye Clinic at the 5th MBH - Sofia, obtaining a specialty Ophthalmology at 01.01.2006.

Since March 2011, Dr. Albena Simeonova has been a PhD student at the Department of Ophthalmology at the University Hospital "Alexandrovska" - Sofia on the topic: "Dynamics in refraction in children up to 3 years of age".

Dr. Albena Simeonova has completed the following additional qualification courses:

  • Tapetoretin degeneration.
  • Ultrasound diagnostics in ophthalmology.
  • Practical application of lasers in ophthalmology.
  • Strobology.
  • Fluorescein angiography for chorioretin disorders.

Professional path:

Dr. Albena Simeonova has been an ophthalmologist at the Vis Center, Sofia, Bulgaria since February 2006.

Since July 2008 has been an ophthalmologist at Sobal "Visus" - Sofia.

During the period 2008-2010 - Dr. Albena Simeonova is an eye consultant at the Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment for Pediatric Diseases - Sofia.

Since September 2012 Dr. Simeonova has been an eye consultant at 1 DCC - Sofia

Scientific interests:

Dr. Albena Simeonova is a member of the Bulgarian Society of Ophthalmology and the Association of Ophthalmologists in Bulgaria.

  • Ophthalmic examinations
  • Refractometry

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