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Dr. Elisabetta Mateeva graduated in medicine from 1979 at the Medical Academy - Sofia, Faculty of Medicine. He has a specialty in eye diseases.


She began her professional career in 1979 in the SLPZ with Divotino - Head. SLPZ. Subsequently, he worked in the ophthalmology department of Pernik - ophthalmologist, sports doctor - Levski-Spartak district, Sofia, eye doctor at the 3 polyclinic in Sofia, member of the specialist eye specialist TELK - Sofia, chairman of specialized ophthalmologist at the National Expert Medical Commission-Sofia, ophthalmologist at Generali-Zakryla - Sofia, ophthalmologist at the Euromedic Medical Center at Euroins Sofia.

Dr. Mateeva has completed a course of individual training in the eye clinic of MA Sofia, examination of eye diseases at the National Expert Medical Commission-Sofia.

Dr. Mateeva is a member of the BMA and the Sofia Ophthalmic Society.

Sofia, Blvd. ”Petko Y. Todorov 20

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