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Dr. Iveta Ivanova graduated in medicine from 1984 at the Medical University - Sofia. Has specialization (s) in Ear-Nose - Throat Diseases from 1.01.1990.


She started her professional career in 1984 in SBR-NK EAD, branch of the town of Momin Prohod - sanatorium for adults. Subsequently, he worked at 28 DCC-Sofia, a doctor in the Ung Office, XCUM 5 / Student Polyclinic / - Sofia as a specialist doctor at the UGC "Sofia Medical Center" - Sofia and as a doctor, a specialist in the Ung Office, MDC Crystal-Sofia.

Dr. Iveta Ivanova specializes in Medical University - Sofia, Department of Otolaryngology. There are completed courses in pediatric otorhinolaryngology - 1997, audiometry - 2000, individual training on "Ultrasound diagnostics of the paranasal cavities" - 2001, course "Voice research in norm and pathology. Voice Rehabilitation for Voice Disorders ”-2005, Department of Otolaryngology.

Dr. Iveta Ivanova is a member of the Association of Otolaryngology, Bulgarian Medical Association.

He has many years of experience in working with children, phoniatric consultations with singers and other vocal professions, working with an audiometer and a tympanometer for hearing testing and an ultrasonograph for the examination and diagnosis of diseases of the paranasal cavities.

Sofia, Blvd. ”Petko Y. Todorov 20

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