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  • Pediatrics


Dr. Katya Temelkova graduated in medicine from the Medical University of Sofia in 2011.

During her studies, she passed an internship in a general pediatric ward at a hospital Robert Debré - city ​​of Paris, France.

In 2013 she enrolled in Pediatrics Specialization in Specialized бhospital for active treatment of pediatric diseases - Sofia, where he works as a full-time doctor until now.

Professional path:

In July 2013 Dr. Katya Temelkova started working at the Clinic of Rheumatology, Cardiology and Hematology of SBALDB-Sofia.

Scientific interests:

Dr. Katya Temelkova has interests in the field of pediatric rheumatology, cardiology, emergency and intensive care. Up to now she has five publications in specialized Bulgarian and foreign editions, as well as participation in numerous courses and conferences.

She speaks French and English.

  • outpatient pediatrics
  • child prevention

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