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Dr. Marieta Ilieva Sirmanova graduated in medicine from 2009 year at Sofia University. She has a specialty in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Further education: Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski - 1999 Year - Master of Biology, Specialist Medicinal Plants, Ultrasound in AC, Colposcopy and Destructive Treatment of Cervical Precanceroses.


His professional career began in 2015 in the First SAGBAL St. Sofia Specialized in UMBAL Dr. Georgi Stranski, Pleven, Second SAGBAL Sheinovo Sofia. Currently working place MC Neoclinic Sofia.

Dr. Marieta Ilieva Sirmanova is a member of the Bulgarian Air Force

Sofia, Blvd. ”Petko Y. Todorov 20

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