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  • Pediatrics


Dr. Tsvetana Djurova graduated in medicine from the Medical University - Sofia, in 1992.

In 200 Dr. Dzhurova acquired a specialty in Pediatrics.

Professional path:

Dr. Tsvetana Djurova started her professional career at the hospital in the town of Pirdop as a doctor in the Children's ward. During the period 2000-2008, Dr. Dzhurova held the position of Head of the Children's Ward at the same hospital. In the 2009-2010 period, Dr. Tsvetana Dzhurova has occupied administrative and managerial positions.
Since 06.2010, Dr. Durova has been working as a pediatrician in the Neonatology Sector of the Hospital “St. Sofia".
Dr. Tsvetana Djurova joins the 1DKK team in September 2017.

Scientific interests:

Dr. Dzhurova has scientific interests in the field of outpatient pediatrics, emergency situations in pediatrics, neonatology and intensive care.

  • Pediatric examinations

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