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Dr. Velislava Petrova holds a degree in medicine from the Faculty of Medicine at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski "in 2016. During her studies she participates in several national congresses, seminars and trainings.

She has participated in:

Student Emergency Medicine Training Seminar - Plovdiv, 2011

Adventure Medicine International Conference - Sofia, 2011

Fifth National Congress on Microbiology and Infections - Plovdiv, 2012

11th National Congress of the Bulgarian Association of Microbiologists Sofia, 2013 - first poster award.

Training on Carcinogenesis - Contemporary Hypotheses - Sofia, 2012

Adventure Medicine International Conference - Sofia, 2012

Seminar on Rare Diseases - Sofia, 2013

Multifaceted view of children's development - Plovdiv, 2013

First Aid Training - UB ”Lozenets Sofia, 2013

1 National Conference on Rare Diseases - Plovdiv, 2013

Adventure Medicine International Conference - Sofia, 2013

16th World Neurosonology Meeting - Sofia, 2013

First National Emergency Medicine Congress - Sofia, 2013

4th National Acaedemy of Surgery - Sofia, 2014

IX Sofia Symposium on Reproductive Medicine with International Participation - 2015

Second National Pediatric Conference - Prevention, Diagnosis and Therapy in Adolescent Children - town of Bansko, 2017

Emergency Pediatrics Conference - Hisarya, 2017

Certificate for successfully passing the course Mnemonics and Mnemonics - Varna, 2015

1 Level Reiki Certificate - Sofia, 2016

From 2016 she specializes in Pediatrics at SALDB “Prof. Ivan Mitev ”, Sofia


Dr. Velislava Petrova has been part of the team of MCC My Doctor since June 2016.


Dr. Petrova has interests in outpatient pediatrics and gastroenterology, in particular pediatric.

She is fluent in English and Russian.

  1. Prophylactic examinations
  2. Immunizations
  3. Acute examinations

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