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  • He specializes in Pediatrics


Dr. Veneta Milenova graduated with honors in medicine from 2012 at the Medical University - Plovdiv.

Professional path:

From the very beginning of her career, Dr. Milenova has been working as a pediatrician in Plovdiv. In 2013 she enrolled for a specialization in Pediatric Diseases at the University Children's Hospital - Plovdiv, where she underwent an individual training course and worked in the Department of Pediatric Oncohematology. Since October 2013 Dr. Milenova continues her specialization at the National Cardiology Hospital and the University Children's Hospital, Sofia.

Dr. Veneta Milenova joins the 1 SCC team in April 2015.

Scientific interests:

Dr. Veneta Milenova's scientific and professional interests are in the field of outpatient pediatrics and clinical immunology.

Dr. Milenova has participated in a number of national and international conferences and congresses in Pediatrics.

Acute and prophylactic examinations

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