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Dr. Lalka Rangelova graduated in medicine from the Medical University of Plovdiv,
1996 Release
In 2005 Dr. Rangelova acquired a specialty in Nutrition and Dietetics at the Medical University
-city. Sofia
She has specialized in WHO in England and Serbia.

Professional path:

Since 2002, Dr. Lalka Rangelova has been working in the field of food and nutrition -
initially at HEI - Plovdiv, and subsequently - at the National Conservation Center
of Public Health (current National Center for Public Health and
Analyzes) - Sofia, where he is a specialist in Nutrition and Dietetics,
PhD student in Hygiene, Assistant, Chief Assistant and Assistant Professor in Nutrition and Dietetics.

In 2010, Dr. Lalka Rangelova defended her thesis on "Nutrition and Nutrition
status in infants and young children up to 5 years of age in Sofia "and acquires
the scientific title of Doctor.

Scientific interests:

Dr. Lalka Rangelova's scientific interests are in the field of nutrition
epidemiology and nutrition policy - healthy nutrition for infants, children and children
adults - recommendations, regulations, recipes and health guides
infant and child nutrition, nutrition assessment, nutrition in diseases,
personalized meals, preparation of diet regimens.

Dr. Rangelova has experience in conducting national and international research with
WHO, UNICEF and others. in the field of nutrition and nutritional status of at - risk groups
the population.
Key activities:
1. Nutrition assessment and nutritional status
2. Preparation of healthy and dietary eating regimes

Scientific and practical development:

1. Petrova C, L Rangelova. Recommendations for healthy breastfeeding. MOH,
NCPHP, Bulfest-Sofia AD, Sofia, 2008.
2. Petrova S, K Angelova, D Ovcharov, V Duleva, D Baikov, L Rangelova, M
Kurtisheva, Kr Vatralova. Healthy Nutrition Recommendations for 3-6 Children
years in Bulgaria. MH, NCPHP, Sofia, 2008.
3. Petrova C, Angelova K, Duleva, D Ovcharov, L Rangelova, Cr Vatralova, Cr
Kostadinova, D Baykova, M Kurtisheva. 7-19 Healthy Eating Recommendations
years. MH, NCPHP, Sofia, 2008.
4. Petrova C, V Duleva, L Rangelova, M Kurtisheva, A Antonova, K Nikolov. Collection
recipes and healthy eating guide for children up to 3 years. MOH,
NCPHA, Arbilis Ltd., Sofia, 2013.
5. Petrova C, Duleva V, Rangelova L. The basics of healthy nutrition for children up to 3-
years old. NCOSA, PAN Ltd., Sofia, 2014.
6. Petrova C, L Rangelova, V Duleva, D Baykova, M Kurtisheva. Collection of recipes and
healthy diet guide for children from 3 to 7 years (under seal)

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