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Step 1 - Login / Registration

If you do not have a Cosnento account and an active account, first cut the page Browser registration or Registration through the mobile application  

Step 2 - Credit Loan

For detailed instructions on loading credits into your Consento account, please visit Buy credits in a browser or Buy credits through the mobile app.

Step 3 - Consultation

3.1 - Patient and Doctor Selection

Once you have completed the payment of your chosen loan package and you have at least 12 credits available, you can proceed to a written consultation. It takes place in three stages, the first of which is the selection of a patient for whom the consultation will be conducted (for yourself, your child or another relative that you must have previously entered in your profile as a relative) and the choice of a doctor to whom to send your written inquiry.

You can choose a physician on duty for children or adults, or by name some of the other physicians who consult at Consento.

The doctors on duty are usually several doctors on a shift at the same time, so you can expect a faster response from them. However, if you want to consult a specific doctor or a specific specialty, you should use the "Choose a doctor" button with the filter by specialty or by name to find the doctor you want to consult.

After selecting a physician on duty for children or adults, or by name of another physician, you should click the "Written consultation"

3.2 - Enter the text of your request

At this point, you should enter the "Subject" and "Description" of the health problem.

Try to be as exhaustive as possible in describing your inquiry so that you can get a satisfactory response from your doctor.

If you have documents related to your inquiry (epicrises, outpatient listings, research results, etc.), or have taken pictures of any external manifestation (rash, lingual, etc.) you can attach them to your inquiry with dedicated buttons.

Pressing the "Submit" button will send your inquiry to the doctor of your choice.

Step 4 - Receive and read the doctor's response

When your doctor responds to your written request, you will receive a notification via e-mail that you are registered with Consento.

In the Health File section you can see the doctor's response to this written consultation, as well as a history of all your written, video, telephone consultations, outpatient examination sheets, laboratory test results to date - by date and type of document.

The doctor's response is read by clicking the "View" button.

Step 5 - Assessment of the written consultation

Once you get acquainted with the doctor's response to your consultation, we give you the opportunity to evaluate your satisfaction with the written consultation on a scale from 1 to 10. This evaluation is for the answer given by your doctor.

If your rating is lower than 3, an additional box will open asking you to indicate the reason for the low rating.

If you would like to provide more detailed information about your satisfaction with the service as a whole and the Consento platform, you can do so by ticking the "Yes" answer to the question "Please indicate if you would like to complete a detailed questionnaire about your satisfaction with Consento" . The Rate button sends your rating to our database for review by our team.

By evaluating every consultation you have at Consento, you help us improve our services.

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