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Step 1 - Login / Registration

If you do not have a Cosnento account and an active account, first cut the page Browser registration or Registration through the mobile application  

Step 2 - Credit Loan

For detailed instructions on loading credits into your Consento account, please visit Buy credits in a browser or Buy credits through the mobile app.

Step 3 - Consultation

3.1 - Patient Data Entry / Patient Selection

To conduct a written consultation, it is necessary to select an existing patient from your profile or to enter data for a new patient (adult or child) for whom you will have a telephone consultation. This happens in the "Family" section, in the profile of your relative or your profile if you are recording a review for yourself.

You select the "Family" section, which takes you to the "Relatives list" section.

There you can use the "Add relatives" button to add information about your minor children. It is important that you fill in all the required patient information - three names, date of birth, PIN, gender, kinship with you so that you can save an appointment.

Step 3.2 - Choosing a Doctor

The next step is choosing the doctor you want to consult in writing.

This is done from the Online Consultations button in the main navigation menu in your account.

In order to conduct a written consultation, it is necessary to have a minimum of 12 credits available (this is the price for a consultation with a doctor on duty - for other doctors, first see the prices of the consultations to make sure you have enough credits).

You can choose a physician on duty for children or adults, or by name for one of the other physicians who consult at Consento.

On-call doctors are usually several at a time, so you can expect a faster response from them.

If you decide to consult a doctor on duty for children or adults, you should click the "Ask a question" button.

 However, if you want to consult a specific doctor or a specific specialty, you should use the "Choose a doctor" button with the filter by specialty or by name to find the doctor you want to consult.

After selecting an on-call doctor for children or adults, or by name of another doctor, you should click the "Ask a Question" button

3.3 - Enter the text of your request

At this point, you should enter the "Subject" and "Description" of the health problem.

Try to be as exhaustive as possible in describing your inquiry so that you can get a satisfactory response from your doctor.

If you have documents related to your inquiry (epicrises, outpatient listings, research results, etc.), or have taken pictures of any external manifestation (rash, lingual, etc.) you can attach them to your inquiry with dedicated buttons.

Pressing the "Submit" button will send your inquiry to the doctor of your choice.

Step 4 - Receive and read the doctor's response

When your doctor responds to your written request, you will receive a notification via e-mail that you are registered with Consento.

In the section "Health file" you can see the answer from the doctor for this written consultation by clicking on the relevant consultation, as well as the history of all your written, video, telephone consultations, outpatient checklists, results of laboratory tests so far - by date and type of document.

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