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One of the services that Consento offers to registered users is a telephone consultation with a physician on duty or with a specific physician named on the platform by name. 

To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Login / Registration

If you do not have a Cosnento account and an active account, first cut the page Browser registration or Registration through the mobile application  

Step 2 - Credit Loan

For detailed instructions on loading credits into your Consento account, please visit Buy credits in a browser or Buy credits through the mobile app.

Step 3 - Enter patient data

It is necessary to enter the data for the patient (adult or child) for whom you will be consulting. This happens in the "Family" section, in the profile of your relative or your profile if you are recording a review for yourself.

You select the "Family" section, which takes you to the "Relatives list" section.

There you can use the "Add relatives" button to add information about your minor children. It is important that you fill in all the required patient information - three names, date of birth, PIN, gender, kinship with you so that you can save an appointment.

Step 4 - Conduct a telephone consultation

4.1 - Patient and Doctor Selection

The next step is to choose the doctor you want to consult with.

This is done from the "Consult" button in the main navigation menu in your account.

In order to conduct a telephone consultation, you need to have at least 12 credits available (this is the price for a consultation with a doctor on duty - for other doctors, first see the prices of the consultations to make sure you have enough credits).

You can choose a physician on duty for children or adults, or by name for one of the other physicians who consult at Consento.


On-call doctors are usually several at a time, so you can expect a faster response from them.

If you decide to consult a doctor on duty for children or adults, you should dial the number listed in the field next to "Telephone consultation", and this is done most easily and quickly by pressing the "Contact me" button.

Our doctors, when not consulting as a Physician on duty, carry out a telephone consultation on a monthly schedule.

To find the doctor you are looking for, you need to select a specialty from the drop-down menu "Choose a doctor", then select a specialty or search by name and / or surname of the doctor.

When you click on the "Search" button, a list of one or more doctors who meet your search criteria for a specialty or name is displayed.

If you have not chosen a specific specialty or you have not entered a doctor's name and press the "Search" button, all doctors who have a schedule for telephone and written consultations for the current month will be displayed.

For each doctor on the list, you can see if there is currently a schedule for telephone consultations, when in the next 24 hours there will be such a schedule or there is no schedule.

For those who currently have an active telephone consultation schedule, you will see an active "Contact me" button. When pressed, our telephone exchange will dial the doctor you have chosen, then we will call you and a telephone connection will be made.If your doctor currently selected is busy, your desire for telephone consultation is saved in the waiting list and the doctor will call you at your earliest convenience.

If the schedule of your chosen doctor for the next 24 hours has not yet started, you will see reports on the exact hour at which his telephone consultation schedule begins for that day.

If your doctor does not have a telephone consultation schedule in the next 24 hours, you will see the message "This doctor does not have a telephone consultation schedule in the next 24 hours."

4.2 Contact your doctor's phone and have a consultation

Consultation with a doctor on duty

Directly dial the phone number displayed in the field next to the text "TELEPHONE CONSULTATION" or press the "Contact me" button, which directly loads the number of the Duty Doctor in the menu of your phone for telephone calls (ie you must still press and green dialing handset).

When you dial this number, our telephone exchange starts calling one of the doctors on duty right now. If a doctor on duty picks up, your telephone exchange will contact you and have your telephone consultation. If all the on-call doctors are currently employed, your call is saved to a waiting list, the call is disconnected and your doctor returns the call at your earliest convenience, according to your order in that call list.

Consultation with a physician of your choice

You do not dial a telephone number directly, but you need to click on the "Contact me" button. When it is activated, our telephone exchange will call the doctor, after which we will call you and a telephone connection will be made. If the doctor of your choice is currently busy, your call is saved on a waiting list, the connection is disconnected and the doctor returns your call as soon as possible to your sequence in this call list.

4.3 End of consultation and payment

After your consultation with the doctor is over, your account will automatically deduct the number of credits corresponding to the cost of a telephone consultation of the doctor of your choice.

If you need further clarification on your case or if you have a technical consultation (such as loss of alert), your doctor may call you further without deducting any credits. 

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