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One of the services we offer to Consento registered users is the Electronic Health File. Thanks to this service, you can access your medical records and your children's records from anywhere in the world at any time.  

To use the service, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1 - Login / Registration

If you do not have a Cosnento account and an active account, first cut the page Browser registration or Registration through the mobile application  

Step 2 - Credit Loan

For detailed instructions on loading credits into your Consento account, please visit Buy credits in a browser or Buy credits through the mobile app.

Step 2 - Examine the Health File

If you have already been screened at one of the medical companies that use Consento's Electronic Health File service, you may already have some of the following scanned documents in your account:

  • ambulance review sheet
  • result of a laboratory test
  • stage epicrisis from hospital stay
  • други

The examination of these documents takes place through the section "Health file". 

From the patient selection drop-down menu, you can download the electronic health record for yourself or your child / children.

From the Years drop-down menu, you can filter which year the document you are looking for is located.

From the Categories filter, you can change the type of documents to display (Reviews, Research, etc.).

For written consultations you can view their contents with the "View" button, and all scanned documents are downloaded directly to your phone in pdf format, which you can view.

You have the option to upload medical documents taken by you or in jpeg format, with a maximum size of 10 MB. This is done via the "Upload photo" button above the patient selection filter. 

On this page you have to select the name of the patient for whom you are uploading a file and with one of the two buttons - to select a file from the phone memory or to capture through the camera of your mobile phone.  

The name of your file is displayed on the screen and the "Upload" button appears, with which you save the file to your account or cancel it by clicking on the "Cancel" button.

You receive a message to successfully save the file, after which it appears in the general list of documents, as well as in the "Other" category.

If you use the option to upload a photo through the camera to your phone, you should anticipate that if your phone takes photos larger than 10 MB, you may not be able to upload the photo to your profile.

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