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Consento for doctors - module description

Photo to the article Hospital of the Future on the Consento website

Consento for Doctors was created with the idea of ​​facilitating the daily life of doctors in Bulgaria and increasing their effectiveness so that they can spend more time diagnosing and treating their patients. Consento for Physicians offers the following modules that address the most common problems in the life of a physician:


You can create any type of change in our calendar according to the type of examinations you will be performing - prevention, acute care, maternity care, child care, home visits, dispensaries - as well as combine them in the most convenient way for you within the same day. You can define which types of examinations are available to record hours online by patients and which types are available for office hours only by you or your support staff.

For each type of view you define, you can set a different view duration - starting from 5 minutes, minimum duration, and reaching the most comfortable for you, multiplying by 5 minutes.

E.g. you can bet 15 minutes for a sharp examination and 25 minutes for a preventative one.

We empower your patients to check the schedule you have entered yourself and to decide when it is best for them to visit you. They can do this through the web portal or the Consenso mobile app, with each recorded hour reflected in your schedule in real time - you can track the recorded hours in the web portal or the mobile physician app. Upon cancellation of an hour by the patient or by you, the other party (patient, doctor) is notified that the hour has been canceled.

Our calendar is extremely flexible - you can define breaks at specified time intervals as well as record the so-called. extraordinary reviews - even when your entire schedule is full. This gives you complete statistics for all reviews (even extraordinary ones, because there are always extraordinary ones) and you do not allow chaos in your work program.

If you are a group practitioner or a personal physician working in multiple locations, our calendar will cover these needs as well - you can add many physicians and multiple locations to a single calendar view so that your recording staff can is as easy as possible.

A different status can be assigned to each recorded review hour - scheduled, confirmed, waiting, completed, failed to appear. Any change in these statuses is also recorded in the change history.

With more than one physician in practice and / or working in more than one medical center or locality, we have created filters to facilitate hours-of-hours that show only one of the physicians or one of the physicians' schedules. jobs of the respective doctor.

We've also introduced the 2 kind of calendar view - a daily one that is more useful in the presence of many doctors and a weekly one when only one doctor is booked.

The calendar maintains the option of entering a monthly rate of hours that each physician should work out and the possibility of deferring the actual hours compared to the rate to future periods in order to catch up or compensate.

We have envisioned the appointment of hours by a specialized medical call center, which we offer as an additional service with the assistance of our partners from Verum Health Manager. This completely frees you from the administrative hassle of recording a review hour and leaves you more time for the actual medical activity.

Creating a monthly schedule in our calendar only takes a few minutes because it drags the mouse on that day from the calendar. For days on which the schedule is repeated, there is an option to copy-paste all day long on another.

Every action in the calendar - saving an hour, moving for a saved hour, deleting an hour, changing the status of a clock is stored in a detailed archive, from which at any moment you can check when and by whom a change is made. This avoids conflicts and ambiguities when overlapping or lacking a reserved hour.

We will help you get all your patient sheets into the platform. Each patient receives a work profile that they can activate and use at their request. And you have a complete history of communication with your patients (e-mails, SMSs, phone calls, recorded hours for review, online consultations, administrative and medical records, etc.)

Each patient's profile has detailed demographic and contact information, with the option to add notes for an individual patient or for the whole family. Families are clearly segregated to adequately manage patient profiles of children.

With Consento, you can send messages to 1 or several patients via email and / or SMS - e.g. invitations for prophylactic examinations, details of assigned treatment, reading of laboratory results and more.

We provide the ability to send email / SMS campaigns to hundreds and thousands of patients at once - e.g. information on changes in the way they are served, a reminder of a yearly birth check, other news. If you wish, your campaigns can be managed by our partner Verum Health Manager.

For each campaign submitted, a report containing detailed statistics for: received, read, rejected, invalid email or phone is stored.

  • Notifications for upcoming reviews, online consultations, research results

Consento sends automatic notifications to patients for upcoming examinations, written consultation responses, test results and other medical and administrative events, depending on the specific needs of the physician or healthcare facility.

It is clear to everyone that live screening cannot be replaced by remote consultation. But even before the patient visits the doctor's office, as well as after the examination, the possibility of contact between the doctor and the patient can save time and effort on both sides.

At Consento, you can offer your patients the option of a written or telephone consultation with you without giving your personal e-mail or phone and answering when it is most convenient for you. During such a consultation you can clarify questions such as:

  • what kind of examination or specialist does the patient need
  • does it need preliminary research to save time
  • specifying already prescribed therapy (if a medication is not available in pharmacies, has side effects of administration, or there is a need to change the dosage as well as to change the patient's condition)
  • monitoring the dynamic state of change and feedback from the patient on the effect of treatment
  • relying on laboratory test results that are more time consuming and unavailable during the examination

All patient inquiries are arranged in the so-called. "Tail", according to the order of their arrival, and the doctor can answer them at a convenient time for him.

Consento also maintains an 24 hours / 7 days a week team of on-duty physicians who serve inquiries from patients registered on the platform.

Consento offers the possibility of renting up to 2 own telephone lines operated by a modern telephone exchange (for administrative and medical matters).

The PBX supports:

  • Call queue with details of the patient who called.
  • Archive with recording of conversations, with the possibility of listening when needed.
  • Possibility for a service announcement when calling during off hours or in the absence of a doctor.

List with the possibility of opening the document and downloading in pdf format all outpatient sheets of examinations, examinations, epicrises, online consultations, hospital, documents from the CCC, protocols and more. With the option to view, edit, mark as the wrong document, delete and print.

Any changes to the records in the patient's health record are recorded in a detailed historical record so that your records are in full compliance with GDPR requirements

Each patient can optionally upload their own medical records or photos of their condition to the Consento (eg, rash units, skin changes, mucous membranes, etc.). These documents are visible to his doctor and may be shared with other doctors as needed. Doctors can also upload documents to their patients' files.

We have provided an option for uploading into the patient's profile all scanned administrative documents - personal doctor's choice forms, various contracts, blood collection consents, venous infusions, processing of personal data, etc.

All documents are in pdf format with a print option, which makes it easy to submit when needed.

There are fields (checkboxes) in the patient's profile that indicate what are the required documents that should be included in the patient's records and whether there are any gaps in obtaining them.

Consento offers 2 a variety of phone call handling options for your patients.

The first option is its own call center - Consento and the partner organization Verum provide the necessary software and hardware, including telephone numbers from a telecom operator, and all calls are handled by you and your staff.

The second option is a hired call center where Consento and Verum take care of all the calls.

See the details below.

Consento offers its own call center service, which includes:

1.Medical Inquiry Phone Number (Doctor Contact)

2. Administrative inquiry telephone number

3. Asterisk digital telephone exchange with the following functionalities:

  • Archive of all calls with a listening option
  • Voice menu
  • View patient profile when calling a database number
  • Click to call - One-click patient calls quickly
  • Detailed statistics on call center activity (number of calls, number of missed, number of returned, etc.)
  • Missed call queue, maintaining multiple queues
  • Priority Call Processing (User Rating) Option
  • Blask list option with numbers (always busy when calling)
  • History of conversations with a particular patient
  • Search by phone number and more 12 parameters
  • Detailed list of call statuses (accepted, missed, by which registrar, etc.) with date and time

If you do not have your own administrative resource to support 2 phone numbers (medical and administrative) to service your patients, you can take advantage of the Call Center service. All your patient calls are made by the Verum Health Manager team, and you pay a monthly fee based on the number of calls made.

The mobile doctor application includes the following features:

  • schedule with upcoming reviews and online consultations
  • archive of past reviews and consultations
  • access to patient profile
  • notifications for recorded / canceled reviews
  • Easy ring option
  • sending written messages to a patient

The mobile doctor application includes the following features:

  • record viewing time
  • conducting written and telephone consultation
  • access to an electronic health record
  • editing personal data, managing GDPR data
  • adding other patient relatives (children, spouses, elderly parents)
  • notifications of a new file in the dossier, recorded / canceled, doctor's announcements

The Consento platform is designed to meet the requirements of the European Consumer Data Protection Directive (GDPR). In addition to all the technical and software measures for the protection of stored data, Consento provides the following features:

  • Consent form for processing of personal data, with the possibility of filling in online, for uploading a scanned paper form or for obtaining consent by phone from the call center
  • Ability to withdraw consent online or on-site in honey. place
  • Ability to download one-button patient personal information from an administrator or the patient himself through his Consento account
    Ability to anonymize and archive data when consent is withdrawn
  • Detailed reports for each new record, edit, delete, backup of personal data in the Consento platform
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