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Neoclinic has started recording hours for reviews of its patients on the Consento platform

Neoclinic has started recording hours for reviews of its patients on the Consento platform

Neoclinic through the Consento platform provides its patients with access to over 50 physicians in a variety of specialties and highly specialized research - nuclear magnetic tomography and computed tomography.

Through our partnership with Consenso, patients now have three options for recording review or research hours - over the phone, online and through the mobile app:

Phone calls are accepted at the specialist medical call center provided technically by Consento and administratively by Verum Health Manager. Patients have access to this service from 8: 30 hours to 20: 30 hours, 7 days a week.

Saving an appointment for a review or a highly specialized study is also available online through the Neoclinic website - www. In the menu TEAM, the patient can choose the specialty of the doctor who needs it. Each doctor's profile has a "Save Review Time" button. In this functionality, the patient specifies the minimum required data, for the correct request - age, type and type of examination, acquainted with the schedule of the specialist. After selecting a date and time, the patient's data is entered. Confirmation of the recorded hour is received by the specified e-mail and telephone. Thus, the patient can always be consulted if he forgets the exact date or time of his examination.

With their Consento profile, doctors can see all the hours recorded in their calendar and know which patients to review by the end of the month. Healthcare professionals can monitor their schedules through both the browser and the Consento mobile application for physicians. They can also record hours for their patients to be examined - at the time of an ongoing examination, telephone and video consultation with the patient.

A third option to save your watch time is through the Consento mobile app. The application also offers other functionalities such as: online consultation and electronic health file.

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