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Consento Launches New Service - Online Registry

Consento Launches New Service - Online Registry

Consenso's new appointment-hour appointment service - Online Reception - is an innovative way to offer easy and fast online appointment storage for patients at hospitals, DCs, medical centers and clinics, GPs, dentists, aesthetic clinics , physiotherapists and any other healthcare provider.

What is new about this service is that, unlike other similar time-keeping platforms in which a patient has to visit a particular web platform or mobile application, Consenso's online reception can be integrated into any physician or medical organization site, and saving an hour can happen without the patient leaving this site and without registering in advance, which is a must in most other booking platforms.

Each Save Doctor's webpage, profile, or photo (if presented only as a list of photos and names) is added to the "Save Review Hour" button, which launches the Online Reception for that doctor.

Saving an hour is easy steps in 3, which are as follows:

  • Step 1 - select type of examination with age group specification (child, adult), type of examination (paid, by NHIF, by fund, etc.), category (acute, prophylactic, study, home visit, etc.) n.)
  • Step 2 - Optional at Step 1 The online reception shows those days and hours on the chart of the selected physician that meet the criteria of the previous step, so that the patient can choose the day and hour that is convenient for him.
  • Step 3 - Entering Patient / Accompanying Information (If Patient is Underage). With this last step, the time is saved for both the patient and the physician to receive confirmation emails and SMS for the saved hour.

Other benefits of Consento Online Reception are:

  • The ability to install on an unlimited number of sites (for example, if the doctor has several jobs), his schedule between the sites is synchronized in real time and there is no danger of duplication of reserved hours.
  • The ability of the same site to maintain schedules for the same physician in several different affiliates of the hospital or in different settlements (for example, if it is a GP who serves several neighboring settlements)

Already several medical organizations and GPs have taken advantage of the new service - Polyclinic Bulgaria, First Pediatric Consultative Clinic, MCC My Practice Group, Neoclinic, over 10 GPs from Sofia, Sofia, Pernik and Radomir.

For the last 2 years, Consento platform, which supports medical call center, mobile physician and patient applications and web applications as technical solutions, has reserved hours to conduct over 115 000 examinations.

The platform offers for its users - doctors and patients - and other services such as: telemedicine, electronic health record, doctor-patient communication campaigns, notifications of upcoming events, etc.

You can be sure of the ease of use of the Online Front Desk at Neoclinic, Polyclinic Bulgaria и Consento.

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