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  • Psychology

Support the choice of education and profession:

  • research on the orientation of interests, abilities, values ​​and motivation for choosing education and profession;
  • matching the personal profile to the choice of studying profiles, professions and specialties;
  • informing about profiles, professions, specialties, studied in the education system;
  • overcoming internal and external contradictions in decision making about the choice of education and profession;
  • revealing barriers to the choice of education and profession - deviant behavior, addictions, interruption of education, socio-economic problems of the family, etc .;
  • overcoming typical mistakes in decision making about the choice of education and profession;
  • physical health and choice of education and profession;
  • preparation for deciding on the choice of school, university and work;
  • informing about the terms and conditions for enrollment in school.
  • support for overcoming learning disabilities;
  • prevention of dropping out of school;
  • increasing motivation for learning and personal realization;
  • forming skills for planning school and personal time;
  • support for conflict management;
  • support for overcoming communication difficulties;
  • supporting parents in communicating with their children - coping with and overcoming difficulties in communicating and educating their children.

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