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Consento's telemedicine doctor-physician service, which allows two or more physicians to access a telecommunications network over the Internet and discuss the condition of a particular patient, is tailored to the particularities of Bulgarian healthcare and the way hospitals operate.

With Consento you can count on:

An easy to implement software solution - does not require a specially trained technical team on site to carry out its maintenance. To use the service, it is sufficient to have at least one device that allows connection to the Internet - mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

  • There are no special requirements for the hardware, as the connection is made through a browser or our mobile application for doctors. This allows the use of available equipment in the hospital or the purchase of such at a very low price. It is not necessary for the financially difficult Bulgarian hospitals to buy complicated to use and expensive equipment in order to be able to conduct consultations at a distance of the doctor-doctor type. In other similar systems, the initial price for the purchase of a monitor and additional devices alone may exceed BGN 40 - 000.
  • Subscription fee for the software service, fully accessible to any hospital in the country. Fixed monthly fee with no restrictions on number of users, consultations conducted or archived records. In other such decisions, payment is often based on the number of consultations conducted and can cause serious and unpredictable hospital costs.

Extremely easy and convenient for use by any doctor.

  • There is no need for specialized technical knowledge or extensive and lengthy training. Consultation takes literally several actions, not unlike the daily use of the most popular smartphone applications

Although the software and hardware requirements for the use of CONSENTO are extremely low, the reliability of the system and the protection of patient and medical information meet the highest standards of medical software, all modern standards for cloud-based software and cyber security are met. Our software has been planned since its inception for use in the field of Bulgarian medicine. Unlike other similar solutions, which are adapted software for other purposes or have been modified platforms programmed outside Bulgaria.




  1. Medical profile

Each doctor uses his or her own Consent profile so it is always clear who are the participants in the consultation. Each profile can be scheduled to consult other physicians on the platform. This way, consultants manage their time effectively, and consultants know in real time who they can contact right now.

  1. Patient profile and patient health record

The consultation starts with choosing an existing one or creating a new patient profile - through a very easy and quick process. In this way, consensual documentation is accumulated for each consulted patient, which can then be referenced as needed. This documentation is stored in a patient's medical record, which contains:

  • Details of consultations carried out
  • Medical records - scanned outpatient records, epicrises, lab results, protocols, imaging readings and more
  • Notes for the patient
  1. Written consultations

This type of consultation is convenient in case there is no emergency in the patient's condition. They can also be used as a pre-sent information - important details and photos of the patient, which the consultant must be familiar with before proceeding to a video consultation.

  1. Video consultation

This is the main type of doctor-doctor consultation in Consento. The consulting physician initiates a video consultation with one of the consultants who has a schedule at the time of the consultation. The consultant receives audio and visual information about the beginning of the consultation and, if available, contacts the consulting physician. If he is currently unable to perform the consultation, the counselor may terminate the consultation and, once released, initiate a new video link with the doctor who sought it.

During the video connection, the front and back camera of a mobile phone can be used sequentially, so that the patient can be shown as needed.

It is also possible to share a screen so that the consultant can directly access PACS systems, imaging, lab results, ECG monitoring, and any other external software that may facilitate the patient's discussion of the computer's open-ended computer.

It is possible to turn off the audio and / or video signal transmission and leave only the audio / video channel when needed (for technical or other reasons - eg weak internet signal leading to a slow connection, etc.).

The video consultation is recorded and archived so that, if necessary, each of the participating physicians can review the recording and recover the details of the discussion.

If you are interested in the Telemedicine doctor-doctor service offered by Concento, please contact us through the section Contact.


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