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Tsvetoslav Grigorova graduated from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" in 2007 in the specialty of Speech Therapy and has a professional qualification Bachelor of Speech Therapy.

In 2011, Tsvetoslav Grigorova graduated with a Master's Degree Program in Communication Disorders of Development.

Professional path

Tsvetoslav Grigorova works in her specialty at 2007.

She has been practicing at Svetlina Private Kindergarten. She is currently a speech therapist at the State Speech Therapy Center.

Has worked as a consultant at 1DKK since the clinic was founded.

The mission and main motivational goal of Tsvetoslav Grigorova is the diagnosis and treatment of speech and communication disorders. Of particular importance for her is the development of communication skills, the individual approach to each child, the development of correct articulation. depending on the particular violation.

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